The ishi-no-yu, our stone-floored onsen
The Furuya's unique tatami-no-yu, surrounded by tatami mats
Enjoy a soothing soak in our onsen!
Halfway up the quiet volcano that is Mt. Myoko are two hot spring sources, one to the north, and one to the south. The natural hot water that comes down from them is the reason why Akakura first gained a nationwide name. The original onsen resorts here in fact date back to the Edo Period, the era, ending in the 1860s, that gave us much of what we think of when we think of Japanese culture.
Today, Myoko and Akakura may be better known internationally for snow and skiing, but the onsen hotels are still here, and still a major attraction throughout the year. And at the Furuya, we’re pleased to offer some of the nicest onsen facilities in town, including two unique indoor baths.


The tatami-buro is a bath surrounded by soft tatami mats, the same fragrant flooring as used in traditional Japanese rooms. This makes it one of the only such onsen of its kind in Japan. The other is the ishi-buro, the stone-floored onsen, with the flooring warmed by the natural hot water. Use of the two indoor onsen rotates daily, so that men and women can enjoy both baths daily:
There’s nothing as pleasant as a relaxing soak in a hot, soothing onsen after a hard day on the slopes! And it's especially enjoyable in a truly beautiful, very Japanese setting.